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Fix dropping locks on shut down (#10433)

parent 96e63ec7
Fix error while dropping locks on shutdown. Introduced in v1.38.0.
......@@ -78,7 +78,11 @@ class LockStore(SQLBaseStore):
"""Called when the server is shutting down"""
logger.info("Dropping held locks due to shutdown")
for (lock_name, lock_key), token in self._live_tokens.items():
# We need to take a copy of the tokens dict as dropping the locks will
# cause the dictionary to change.
tokens = dict(self._live_tokens)
for (lock_name, lock_key), token in tokens.items():
await self._drop_lock(lock_name, lock_key, token)
logger.info("Dropped locks due to shutdown")
......@@ -98,3 +98,16 @@ class LockTestCase(unittest.HomeserverTestCase):
lock2 = self.get_success(self.store.try_acquire_lock("name", "key"))
def test_shutdown(self):
"""Test that shutting down Synapse releases the locks"""
# Acquire two locks
lock = self.get_success(self.store.try_acquire_lock("name", "key1"))
lock2 = self.get_success(self.store.try_acquire_lock("name", "key2"))
# Now call the shutdown code
self.assertEqual(self.store._live_tokens, {})
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