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Change release script to update debian changelog for RCs (#10465)

parent 6e227564
Fix release script to correctly version debian changelog when doing RCs.
......@@ -139,6 +139,11 @@ def run():
# Switch to the release branch.
parsed_new_version = version.parse(new_version)
# We assume for debian changelogs that we only do RCs or full releases.
assert not parsed_new_version.is_devrelease
assert not parsed_new_version.is_postrelease
release_branch_name = (
......@@ -190,12 +195,21 @@ def run():
# Generate changelogs
subprocess.run("python3 -m towncrier", shell=True)
# Generate debian changelogs if its not an RC.
if not rc:
f'dch -M -v {new_version} "New synapse release {new_version}."', shell=True
subprocess.run('dch -M -r -D stable ""', shell=True)
# Generate debian changelogs
if parsed_new_version.pre is not None:
# If this is an RC then we need to coerce the version string to match
# Debian norms, e.g. 1.39.0rc2 gets converted to 1.39.0~rc2.
base_ver = parsed_new_version.base_version
pre_type, pre_num = parsed_new_version.pre
debian_version = f"{base_ver}~{pre_type}{pre_num}"
debian_version = new_version
f'dch -M -v {debian_version} "New synapse release {debian_version}."',
subprocess.run('dch -M -r -D stable ""', shell=True)
# Show the user the changes and ask if they want to edit the change log.
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