1. 15 Jan, 2021 4 commits
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      Announce Python / PostgreSQL deprecation policies (#9085) · 6d91e6ca
      Dan Callahan authored
      Fixes #8782
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      Don't apply the IP range blacklist to proxy connections (#9084) · e385c8b4
      Marcus authored
      It is expected that the proxy would be on a private IP address so the
      configured proxy should be connected to regardless of the IP range
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      Fix failures in Debian packaging (#9079) · fa6deb29
      Dan Callahan authored
      Debian package builds were failing for two reasons:
       1. Python versions prior to 3.7 throw exceptions when attempting to print
          Unicode characters under a "C" locale. (#9076)
       2. We depended on `dh-systemd` which no longer exists in Debian Bullseye, but
          is necessary in Ubuntu Xenial. (#9073)
      Setting `LANG="C.UTF-8"` in the build environment fixes the first issue.
      See also: https://bugs.python.org/issue19846
      The second issue is a bit trickier. The dh-systemd package was merged into
      debhelper version 9.20160709 and a transitional package left in its wake.
      The transitional dh-systemd package was removed in Debian Bullseye.
      However, Ubuntu Xenial ships an older debhelper, and still needs dh-systemd.
      Thus, builds were failing on Bullseye since we depended on a package which had
      ceased existing, but we couldn't remove it from the debian/control file and our
      build scripts because we still needed it for Ubuntu Xenial.
      We can fix the debian/control issue by listing dh-systemd as an alternative to
      the newer versions of debhelper. Since dh-systemd declares that it depends on
      debhelper, Ubuntu Xenial will select its older dh-systemd which will in turn
      pull in its older debhelper, resulting in no change from the status quo. All
      other supported releases will satisfy the debhelper dependency constraint and
      skip the dh-systemd alternative.
      Build scripts were fixed by unconditionally attempting to install dh-systemd on
      all releases and suppressing failures.
      Once we drop support for Ubuntu Xenial, we can revert most of this commit and
      rely on the version constraint on debhelper in debian/control.
      Fixes #9076
      Fixes #9073
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDan Callahan <danc@element.io>
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      Support PyJWT v2.0.0. (#8986) · a8026064
      Patrick Cloke authored
      Tests were broken due to an API changing. The code used in Synapse
      proper should be compatible with both versions already.
  11. 18 Dec, 2020 9 commits