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Synapse 1.57.0rc1 (2022-04-12)

This version includes a [change]( to the way transaction IDs are managed for application services. If your deployment uses a dedicated worker for application service traffic, **it must be stopped** when the database is upgraded (which normally happens when the main process is upgraded), to ensure the change is made safely without any risk of reusing transaction IDs.

See the [upgrade notes]( for more details.


- Send device list changes to application services as specified by [MSC3202](, using unstable prefixes. The `msc3202_transaction_extensions` experimental homeserver config option must be enabled and `org.matrix.msc3202: true` must be present in the application service registration file for device list changes to be sent. The "left" field is currently always empty. ([\#11881](
- Optimise fetching large quantities of missing room state over federation. ([\#12040](
- Offload the `update_client_ip` background job from the main process to the background worker, when using Redis-based replication. ([\#12251](
- Move `update_client_ip` background job from the main process to the background worker. ([\#12252](
- Add a module callback to react to new 3PID (email address, phone number) associations. ([\#12302](
- Add a configuration option to remove a specific set of rooms from sync responses. ([\#12310](
- Add a module callback to react to account data changes. ([\#12327](
- Allow setting user admin status using the module API. Contributed by Famedly. ([\#12341](
- Reduce overhead of restarting synchrotrons. ([\#12367](, [\#12372](
- Update `/messages` to use historic pagination tokens if no `from` query parameter is given. ([\#12370](
- Add a module API for reading and writing global account data. ([\#12391](
- Support the stable `v1` endpoint for `/relations`, per [MSC2675]( ([\#12403](
- Include bundled aggregations in search results
  ([MSC3666]( ([\#12436](


- Fix a long-standing bug that updating the server notices user profile (display name/avatar URL) in the configuration would not be applied to pre-existing rooms. Contributed by Jorge Florian. ([\#12115](
- Fix a long-standing bug where events from ignored users were still considered for bundled aggregations. ([\#12235](, [\#12338](
- Fix non-member state events not resolving for historical events when used in [MSC2716]( `/batch_send` `state_events_at_start`. ([\#12329](
- Fix a long-standing bug affecting URL previews that would generate a 500 response instead of a 403 if the previewed URL includes a port that isn't allowed by the relevant blacklist. ([\#12333](
- Default to `private` room visibility rather than `public` when a client does not specify one, according to spec. ([\#12350](
- Fix a spec compliance issue where requests to the `/publicRooms` federation API would specify `limit` as a string. ([\#12364](, [\#12410](
- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.49.0 which caused the `synapse_event_persisted_position` metric to have invalid values. ([\#12390](

Updates to the Docker image

- Bundle locked versions of dependencies into the Docker image. ([\#12385](

Improved Documentation

- Clarify documentation for running SyTest against Synapse, including use of Postgres and worker mode. ([\#12271](
- Document the behaviour of `LoggingTransaction.call_after` and `LoggingTransaction.call_on_exception` methods when transactions are retried. ([\#12315](
- Update dead links in `` to point to the correct documentation URL. ([\#12331](
- Upgrade the version of `mdbook` in CI to 0.4.17. ([\#12339](
- Updates to the Room DAG concepts development document to clarify that we mark events as outliers because we don't have any state for them. ([\#12345](
- Update the link to Redis pub/sub documentation in the workers documentation.. ([\#12369](
- Remove documentation for converting a legacy structured logging configuration to the new format. ([\#12392](

Deprecations and Removals

- Remove the unused and unstable `/aggregations` endpoint which was removed from [MSC2675]( ([\#12293](

Internal Changes

- Remove lingering unstable references to MSC2403 (knocking). ([\#12165](
- Avoid trying to calculate the state at outlier events. ([\#12191](, [\#12316](, [\#12330](, [\#12332](, [\#12409](
- Omit sending "offline" presence updates to application services after they are initially configured. ([\#12193](
- Switch to using a sequence to generate AS transaction IDs. Contributed by Nick Beeper. If running synapse with a dedicated appservice worker, this MUST be stopped before upgrading the main process and database. ([\#12209](
- Add missing type hints for storage. ([\#12267](
- Add missing type definitions for scripts in docker folder. Contributed by Jorge Florian. ([\#12280](
- Move [MSC2654]( support behind an experimental configuration flag. ([\#12295](
- Update docstrings to explain how to decipher live and historic pagination tokens. ([\#12317](
- Add ground work for speeding up device list updates for users in large numbers of rooms. ([\#12321](
- Fix typechecker problems exposed by signedjson 1.1.2. ([\#12326](
- Remove the `tox` packaging job: it will be redundant once #11537 lands. ([\#12334](
- Ignore `.envrc` for `direnv` users. ([\#12335](
- Remove the (broadly unused, dev-only) dockerfile for pg tests. ([\#12336](
- Remove redundant `get_success` calls in test code. ([\#12346](
- Add type annotations for `tests/`. ([\#12347](
- Move single-use methods out of `TestCase`. ([\#12348](
- Remove broken and unused development scripts. ([\#12349](, [\#12351](, [\#12355](
- Convert `Linearizer` tests from `inlineCallbacks` to async. ([\#12353](
- Update docstrings for `ReadWriteLock` tests. ([\#12354](
- Refactor `Linearizer`, convert methods to async and use an async context manager. ([\#12357](
- Fix a long-standing bug where `Linearizer`s could get stuck if a cancellation were to happen at the wrong time. ([\#12358](
- Make `StreamToken.from_string` and `RoomStreamToken.parse` propagate cancellations instead of replacing them with `SynapseError`s. ([\#12366](
- Add type hints to tests files. ([\#12371](
- Allow specifying the Postgres database's port when running unit tests with Postgres. ([\#12376](
- Remove temporary pin of signedjson<=1.1.1 that was added in Synapse 1.56.0. ([\#12379](
- Add opentracing spans to calls to external cache. ([\#12380](
- Lay groundwork for using `poetry` to manage Synapse's dependencies. ([\#12381](
- Make missing `importlib_metadata` dependency explicit. ([\#12384](, [\#12400](
- Update type annotations for compatiblity with prometheus_client 0.14. ([\#12389](
- Remove support for the unstable identifiers specified in [MSC3288]( ([\#12398](
- Add missing type hints to configuration classes. ([\#12402](
- Add files used to build the Docker image used for complement testing into the Synapse repository. ([\#12404](
- Fix up healthcheck generation for workers docker image. ([\#12405](
- Run the olddeps CI job using Poetry. ([\#12407](
- Do not include groups in the sync response when disabled. ([\#12408](
- Run the CI portdb script in the locked poetry environment. ([\#12412](
- Improve type hints related to HTTP query parameters. ([\#12415](
- Run the CI export-data script in the locked poetry environment. ([\#12418](
- Stop maintaining a list of lint targets. ([\#12420](
- Make `synapse._scripts` pass type checks. ([\#12421](, [\#12422](
- Add some type hints to datastore. ([\#12423](
- Enable certificate checking during complement tests. ([\#12435](
- Bundle locked versions of dependencies into the Docker image. ([\#12439](
- Explicitly specify the `tls` extra for Twisted dependency. ([\#12444](