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Synapse 1.58.0rc1 (2022-04-26)

As of this release, the groups/communities feature in Synapse is now disabled by default. See [\#11584]( for details. As mentioned in [the upgrade notes](, this feature will be removed in Synapse 1.61.


- Implement [MSC3383]( for including the destination in server-to-server authentication headers. Contributed by @Bubu and @jcgruenhage for Famedly. ([\#11398](
- Docker images and Debian packages from now contain a locked set of Python dependencies, greatly improving build reproducibility. ([Board](, [\#11537](
- Enable processing of device list updates asynchronously. ([\#12365](, [\#12465](
- Implement [MSC2815]( to allow room moderators to view redacted event content. Contributed by @tulir. ([\#12427](
- Build Debian packages for Ubuntu 22.04 "Jammy Jellyfish". ([\#12543](


- Prevent a sync request from removing a user's busy presence status. ([\#12213](
- Fix bug with incremental sync missing events when rejoining/backfilling. Contributed by Nick @ Beeper. ([\#12319](
- Fix a long-standing bug which incorrectly caused `GET /_matrix/client/v3/rooms/{roomId}/event/{eventId}` to return edited events rather than the original. ([\#12476](
- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.27.0 where the admin API for [deleting forward extremities]( would always return a count of 1, no matter how many extremities were deleted. ([\#12496](
- Fix a long-standing bug where the image thumbnails embedded into email notifications were broken. ([\#12510](
- Fix a bug in the implementation of [MSC3202]( where Synapse would use the field name `device_unused_fallback_keys`, rather than `device_unused_fallback_key_types`. ([\#12520](
- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 0.99.3 which could cause Synapse to consume large amounts of RAM when back-paginating in a large room. ([\#12522](

Improved Documentation

- Fix rendering of the documentation site when using the 'print' feature. ([\#12340](
- Add a manual documenting config file options. ([\#12368](, [\#12527](
- Update documentation to reflect that both the `run_background_tasks_on` option and the options for moving stream writers off of the main process are no longer experimental. ([\#12451](
- Update worker documentation and replace old `federation_reader` with `generic_worker`. ([\#12457](
- Strongly recommend [Poetry]( for development. ([\#12475](
- Add some example configurations for workers and update architectural diagram. ([\#12492](
- Fix a broken link in `README.rst`. ([\#12495](
- Add HAProxy delegation example with CORS headers to docs. ([\#12501](
- Remove extraneous comma in User Admin API's device deletion section so that the example JSON is actually valid and works. Contributed by @olmari. ([\#12533](

Deprecations and Removals

- The groups/communities feature in Synapse is now disabled by default. ([\#12344](
- Remove unstable identifiers from [MSC3440]( ([\#12382](

Internal Changes

- Preparation for faster-room-join work: start a background process to resynchronise the room state after a room join. ([\#12394](
- Preparation for faster-room-join work: Implement a tracking mechanism to allow functions to wait for full room state to arrive. ([\#12399](
- Remove an unstable identifier from [MSC3083]( ([\#12395](
- Run CI in the locked [Poetry]( environment, and remove corresponding `tox` jobs. ([\#12425](, [\#12434](, [\#12438](, [\#12441](, [\#12449](, [\#12478](, [\#12514](, [\#12472](
- Change Mutual Rooms' `unstable_features` flag to `uk.half-shot.msc2666.mutual_rooms` which matches the current iteration of [MSC2666]( ([\#12445](
- Fix typo in the release script help string. ([\#12450](
- Fix a minor typo in the Debian changelogs generated by the release script. ([\#12497](
- Reintroduce the list of targets to the linter script, to avoid linting unwanted local-only directories during development. ([\#12455](
- Limit length of `device_id` to less than 512 characters. ([\#12454](
- Dockerfile-workers: reduce the amount we install in the image. ([\#12464](
- Dockerfile-workers: give the master its own log config. ([\#12466](
- complement-synapse-workers: factor out separate entry point script. ([\#12467](
- Back out experimental implementation of [MSC2314]( ([\#12474](
- Fix grammatical error in federation error response when the room version of a room is unknown. ([\#12483](
- Remove unnecessary configuration overrides in tests. ([\#12511](
- Refactor the relations code for clarity. ([\#12519](
- Add type hints so `docker` and `stubs` directories pass `mypy --disallow-untyped-defs`. ([\#12528](
- Update `delay_cancellation` to accept any awaitable, rather than just `Deferred`s. ([\#12468](
- Handle cancellation in `EventsWorkerStore._get_events_from_cache_or_db`. ([\#12529](