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Synapse 1.59.0rc1 (2022-05-10)

This release makes several changes that server administrators should be aware of:

- Device name lookup over federation is now disabled by default. ([\#12616](
- The `` and `` worker application types are now deprecated. ([\#12452](, [\#12654](

See [the upgrade notes]( for more details.

Additionally, this release removes the non-standard `m.login.jwt` login type from Synapse. It can be replaced with `org.matrix.login.jwt` for identical behaviour. This is only used if `jwt_config.enabled` is set to `true` in the configuration. ([\#12597](


- Support [MSC3266]( room summaries over federation. ([\#11507](
- Implement [changes]( to [MSC2285 (hidden read receipts)]( Contributed by @SimonBrandner. ([\#12168](, [\#12635](, [\#12636](, [\#12670](
- Extend the [module API]( to allow modules to change actions for existing push rules of local users. ([\#12406](
- Add the `notify_appservices_from_worker` configuration option (superseding `notify_appservices`) to allow a generic worker to be designated as the worker to send traffic to Application Services. ([\#12452](
- Add the `update_user_directory_from_worker` configuration option (superseding `update_user_directory`) to allow a generic worker to be designated as the worker to update the user directory. ([\#12654](
- Add new `enable_registration_token_3pid_bypass` configuration option to allow registrations via token as an alternative to verifying a 3pid. ([\#12526](
- Implement [MSC3786]( Add a default push rule to ignore `` events. ([\#12601](
- Add new `mau_appservice_trial_days` configuration option to specify a different trial period for users registered via an appservice. ([\#12619](


- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.48.0 where the latest thread reply provided failed to include the proper bundled aggregations. ([\#12273](
- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.22.0 where attempting to send a large amount of read receipts to an application service all at once would result in duplicate content and abnormally high memory usage. Contributed by Brad & Nick @ Beeper. ([\#12544](
- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.57.0 which could cause `Failed to calculate hosts in room` errors to be logged for outbound federation. ([\#12570](
- Fix a long-standing bug where status codes would almost always get logged as `200!`, irrespective of the actual status code, when clients disconnect before a request has finished processing. ([\#12580](
- Fix race when persisting an event and deleting a room that could lead to outbound federation breaking. ([\#12594](
- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.53.0 where bundled aggregations for annotations/edits were incorrectly calculated. ([\#12633](
- Fix a long-standing bug where rooms containing power levels with string values could not be upgraded. ([\#12657](
- Prevent memory leak from reoccurring when presence is disabled. ([\#12656](

Updates to the Docker image

- Explicitly opt-in to using [BuildKit-specific features]( in the Dockerfile. This fixes issues with building images in some GitLab CI environments. ([\#12541](
- Update the "Build docker images" GitHub Actions workflow to use `docker/metadata-action` to generate docker image tags, instead of a custom shell script. Contributed by @henryclw. ([\#12573](

Improved Documentation

- Update SQL statements and replace use of old table `user_stats_historical` in docs for Synapse Admins. ([\#12536](
- Add missing linebreak to `pipx` install instructions. ([\#12579](
- Add information about the TCP replication module to docs. ([\#12621](
- Fixes to the formatting of `README.rst`. ([\#12627](
- Fix docs on how to run specific Complement tests using the `` test runner. ([\#12664](

Deprecations and Removals

- Remove unstable identifiers from [MSC3069]( ([\#12596](
- Remove the unspecified `m.login.jwt` login type and the unstable `uk.half-shot.msc2778.login.application_service` from
  [MSC2778]( ([\#12597](
- Synapse now requires at least Python 3.7.1 (up from 3.7.0), for compatibility with the latest Twisted trunk. ([\#12613](

Internal Changes

- Use supervisord to supervise Postgres and Caddy in the Complement image to reduce restart time. ([\#12480](
- Immediately retry any requests that have backed off when a server comes back online. ([\#12500](
- Use `make_awaitable` instead of `defer.succeed` for return values of mocks in tests. ([\#12505](
- Consistently check if an object is a `frozendict`. ([\#12564](
- Protect module callbacks with read semantics against cancellation. ([\#12568](
- Improve comments and error messages around access tokens. ([\#12577](
- Improve docstrings for the receipts store. ([\#12581](
- Use constants for read-receipts in tests. ([\#12582](
- Log status code of cancelled requests as 499 and avoid logging stack traces for them. ([\#12587](, [\#12663](
- Remove special-case for `twisted` logger from default log config. ([\#12589](
- Use `getClientAddress` instead of the deprecated `getClientIP`. ([\#12599](
- Add link to documentation in Grafana Dashboard. ([\#12602](
- Reduce log spam when running multiple event persisters. ([\#12610](
- Add extra debug logging to federation sender. ([\#12614](
- Prevent remote homeservers from requesting local user device names by default. ([\#12616](
- Add a consistency check on events which we read from the database. ([\#12620](
- Remove use of the `constantly` library and switch to enums for `EventRedactBehaviour`. Contributed by @andrewdoh. ([\#12624](
- Remove unused code related to receipts. ([\#12632](
- Minor improvements to the scripts for running Synapse in worker mode under Complement. ([\#12637](
- Move `pympler` back in to the `all` extras. ([\#12652](
- Fix spelling of `M_UNRECOGNIZED` in comments. ([\#12665](
- Release script: confirm the commit to be tagged before tagging. ([\#12556](
- Fix a typo in the announcement text generated by the Synapse release development script. ([\#12612](

- Fix scripts-dev to pass typechecking. ([\#12356](
- Add some type hints to datastore. ([\#12485](
- Remove unused `# type: ignore`s. ([\#12531](
- Allow unused `# type: ignore` comments in bleeding edge CI jobs. ([\#12576](
- Remove redundant lines of config from `mypy.ini`. ([\#12608](
- Update to mypy 0.950. ([\#12650](
- Use `Concatenate` to better annotate `_do_execute`. ([\#12666](
- Use `ParamSpec` to refine type hints. ([\#12667](
- Fix mypy against latest pillow stubs. ([\#12671](