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Synapse 1.60.0rc2 (2022-05-27)

This release of Synapse adds a unique index to the `state_group_edges` table, in
order to prevent accidentally introducing duplicate information (for example,
because a database backup was restored multiple times). If your Synapse database
already has duplicate rows in this table, this could fail with an error and
require manual remediation.

Additionally, the signature of the `check_event_for_spam` module callback has changed.
The previous signature has been deprecated and remains working for now. Module authors
should update their modules to use the new signature where possible.

See [the upgrade notes](
for more details.


- Add an option allowing users to use their password to reauthenticate for privileged actions even though password login is disabled. ([\#12883](


- Explicitly close `ijson` coroutines once we are done with them, instead of leaving the garbage collector to close them. ([\#12875](

Internal Changes

- Improve URL previews by not including the content of media tags in the generated description. ([\#12887](